Reconstruction After Cancer (Microsurgery)

Reconstruction After Cancer (Microsurgery)

Reconstructive surgery is a broad term applying to surgery performed with the aim to return a patient to function and appearance as close as possible to their pre-injury state. The most common reasons for needing this surgery are wounds due to traumatic injuries or cancer treatment.

The skills of a plastic surgeon are critical in this type of surgery. In over 10 years of training after medical school, FRACS-certified plastic surgeons develop skills to manage defects of the skin and soft tissue anywhere on the body. This may mean replacing skin and improving contour defects from loss of soft tissue. Careful attention is always taken to the minimisation of scars, and safety in post-operative recovery. Sometimes fat can be transferred to areas of depressed scars where required to improve appearance.

Microsurgery may be used to reconstruct important blood vessels, nerves and even transfer working muscle to provide function back to injured areas. Dr Woods also has additional training in craniomaxillofacial surgery, providing an extra skill set to enable reconstruction of the bony skeleton and soft tissue of the face when required.

This breadth of training, which is greater than most plastic surgeons, means that you can feel assured that you will receive excellent care in the reconstructive management of injuries, from small skin cancer excision to large and complex problems.