Feedback Survey

Feedback Survey

Our aim is to provide our patients with the best possible service. In order to improve and make your experience more pleasant, we would like your anonymous feedback through the following questionnaire. We appreciate negative feedback or ideas on how we can improve our service as much as positive responses.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Question Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
1. Phone contact with clinic
2. Length of time taken to get an appointment
3. Length of time waiting at the clinic
4. The personal manner (courtesy, respect, sensitivity, friendliness) of the staff
5. Adequate time with Specialist
6. The personal manner (courtesy, respect, sensitivity,friendliness) of the Specialist
7. Sufficient explanation of your proposed procedure
8. All your questions answered to your satisfaction
9. Sufficient explanation of costs
10. The cost of consultation and surgical procedure
11. Satisfaction with aftercare
12. Did you have any concerns with your anaesthetist? (If you like, please note their name)
Would you recommend us to your friends?


What could we do to improve our service to you?

To confirm the validity of this survey please enter the pass code provided at your recent visit. Please note this code is the same for all patients to protect privacy.

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