Facial Abnormalities and Reconstructive Surgery

Facial Abnormalities and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr Roger Woods provides plastic and reconstructive surgical care for a variety of congenital and acquired conditions affecting children and adolescents. These include:

  • Skin lesions and their removal with scar minimisation
  • Lumps and abnormalities in the craniofacial (head and neck) region, including congenital cysts and sinuses
  • Cancerous lesions of the skin and soft tissue, including melanoma and sarcoma
  • Prominent ears

Surgical management of these conditions are at least partially rebatable by all leading private health funds. It is important to obtain a referral from your family doctor to be eligible for this.

Children have special needs in health care. Dr Woods' team provide a supportive environment to assist in making the important decisions affecting your loved ones, now and as they grow. Dr Woods has extensive training in plastic surgery for children, including additional post-fellowship training locally and abroad in Oxford, United Kingdom. He provides private care with anaesthetists specialised in the care of children and adolescents.

Providing a safe environment and an effective treatment pathway is paramount in his delivery of care to your child.